Saturday, June 28, 2014

Who Cares? I do! Here is why and what I'm doing

Who cares?  I do!  My name is David K. Ewen, M.Ed. and I put my name in front of the effort of Project Furious 2014.  Why?  Because I am furious about the damaging effects of Casino gambling.   It’s in our neighboring state of Connecticut and it’s not worth having it here in Massachusetts.   Can you imagine a casino in downtown Springfield?   Do you really think it will stay small?   Do you really think area businesses in area towns will flourish?   Do you really think traffic won’t be congested?   Do you really think gambling addiction won’t take a stronger root in our communities?    Do you really think gang violence won’t rise with the circulation of gambling money?  Are you kidding?  Do you really think Casinos are a great idea?  Visit us on Facebook and LIKE” our page
How can you save Massachusetts against the damaging effect of casinos? We don’t have fundraising effort because we don’t want the money.    Project Furious 2014 does not hide behind a “pay online” button on a website.    We raise awareness instead of raising money.   That awareness is through people.   Visit us on Facebook and LIKE” our page

What makes "Project Furious 2014" different from any other organization against Casino gaming in Massachusetts?  It is that fundraising is not part of the effort.  Project Furious 2014 does not hide behind other people’s money. You won't see a website that says "pay here" or "donate here" or "support here with credit card".       People need to know what casino gaming can do in our communities and the harmful effects it has.   We don't need money to tell people the risks of casino gaming.   Casinos do bad things with money.  Why would we want money?  Our effort is R.E.D. - Research, Education, and Discovery.   We will provide the videos, books, audio albums for free and distribute through social media and in public.   People will have the resources to make an informed opinion of what casino gaming does. Visit us on Facebook and LIKE” our page

In November 4, 2014 the citizens of Massachusetts will have the opportunity to repeal the law that made casino gaming in Massachusetts legal.  It is only fair that Massachusetts citizens get to see both sides of the controversial subject.   There are many who believe that jobs will be produced for the long term.  Those same people aren't aware of the layoffs that happen at the Casinos in Connecticut.   They also don't know the strain on the health care system in the area.   The small business owner will suffer and dry up just like the desert casinos around the countries.   Large casinos don't partner well with small businesses in cities.   That is why the successful casinos are in open spaces.  Have you ever been in a casino and seen an elderly person in an electric scooter carrying an oxygen tank draining their life savings at a slot machine?    Casino gaming and gambling give a false sense of prosperity.  The gaming addiction can affect so many people and impact a quality way of living.   Do we want that in our communities?
The blog has all of our information as it is developed and rolled out.   There is a lot of work to do before November 4th, especially as a volunteer grassroots effort to save our communities in Massachusetts.   Visit us on Facebook and LIKE” our page

When you think about casinos, think about the long term effects.   Any construction of a new development brings in temporary jobs.    When the construction teams leave, what do they leave behind?    If it’s a casino, it is the damaging effects casinos present to communities around the country.  How can gambling addiction be any good?   How can a strain on traffic and our health care system be any good?  How can being laid off from a low paying job be any good?   Do you really want the following consequences?

  • The increased health care costs and overpopulation in our health care system
  • Overabundance of crime through gang violence and money laundering
  • The jobs produced result in low wages and layoffs.  Yes layoffs.
  • The drain on people's retirement.
  • A loss of people's faith in a better quality of life
  • People following a misguided path to prosperity.
  • Increased addictions to gambling and associated consequences
  • Loss of business market opportunity for area businesses within 100 square miles.
  • Increased flow of dirty money that increases drug use in our communities
  • Youth conditioned to gambling focus which affects the future of our communities
  • A loss of faith within our church communities
Massachusetts will be properly informed with the following to be released to the Massachusetts Community.
  • Book: "Armageddon by Casino"  (Paper & Ebook)
  • Video (TV & YouTube): "Apocalypse by Casino"
  • Album (audio): "Mass(achusettts) Extinction by Casino"
  • Radio (online): Commentary and Interviews
  • Lecture:   Forest Academy (online)
Keep in touch and visit us on Facebook and LIKE” our page

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