Thursday, June 26, 2014

DETAILS: Project Furious 2014

Let me describe a little better what Project Furious 2014 is all about.   First of all the effort is a Project that is controversial, has unpopular opinions to some, requires tough decisions, and has fast answers.    As a business owner since 1994, I am accustom to making tough decisions that are unfavored by some.    As a touring professor since 2004, I am accustom to answering difficult questions very quickly to an audience whom I've never met before.  

The word "Furious" in "Project Furious" represents how some members of the Massachusetts community may feel about a casino in their neighborhood or surrounding community.   We learn from our neighboring state of Connecticut with their two casinos and associated consequences.   Furious represents how some people of Massachusetts feel about gambling institutions.

  • The increased health care costs and overpopulation in our health care system
  • Overabundance of crime through gang violence and money laundering
  • The jobs produced result in low wages and layoffs.  Yes layoffs.
  • The drain on people's retirement.
  • A loss of people's faith in a better quality of life
  • People following a misguided path to prosperity.
  • Increased addictions to gambling and associated consequences
  • Loss of business market opportunity for area businesses within 100 square miles.
  • Increased flow of dirty money that increases drug use in our communities
  • Youth conditioned to gambling focus which affects the future of our communities
  • A loss of faith within our church communities

Are there more consequences to a having a casino in Massachusetts?   Of course there are.

In 2014, before the November 4th vote, Project Furious 2014 will provide the community education to the public to build awareness of what a casino does to a community.    As part of the research, the facts coming out of Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods in Connecticut will be presented.   The consequences listed above is part of what Connecticut suffers through.    It's not just Connecticut.  Across the nation, casinos affect our communities.

A variety of media content will be provided to business leaders in Massachusetts to share with their communities.    With support from broadcast media, the communities across Massachusetts will have the resources to make an educated decision.    People will understand the negative impact of casinos and how the November 4th ballet question is used put a stop to Casinos.
As part of our education engagement with the community, a variety of free media content will be made available.     The tax paying citizens of Massachusetts who look to improve their communities will have the opportunity to discover the long term damaging effects of casinos.    The resources business leaders will have to share with their communities are

  • Book: "Armageddon by Casino"  (Paper & Ebook)
  • Video (TV & YouTube): "Apocalypse by Casino"
  • Album (audio): "Mass(achusettts) Extinction by Casino"
  • Radio (online): Commentary and Interviews
  • Lecture:   Forest Academy (online)

The proverbial shot across the legislative bow of Massachusetts has been fired in celebration of the November Casino vote on November 4th.  The media has already received the battle cry from Project Furious.   Help by LIKE-ing our Facebook page

An announcement reports that on November 4, Massachusetts residents will have the ability to repeal the casino law instituted in 2011.  Project Furious is an all volunteer campaign with support from business leaders that educates consumers of the negative impacts of the possible casinos in our Massachusetts neighborhoods.   It is being funded by Forest Academy  (

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