Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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Project Furious has been in development a long time and has now launched.  ProjectFurious2014.BlogSpot.com   Leaders from business communities are furious about a possible casino in Massachusetts. Project Furious is here to help.
Today, an announcement shows that on November 4, Massachusetts residents will have the ability to repeal the casino law instituted in 2011.  Project Furious is an all volunteer campaign with support from business leaders that educates consumers of the negative impacts of the possible casinos in our Massachusetts neighborhoods.   It is being funded by Forest Academy  (www.ForestAcademy.org).

A variety of media content will be provided to business leaders in Massachusetts to share with their communities.    With support from broadcast media, the communities across Massachusetts will have the resources to make an educated decision.    People will understand the negative impact of casinos and how the November 4th ballet question is used put a stop to Casinos.

As part of our education engagement with the community, a variety of free media content will be made available.     The tax paying citizens of Massachusetts who look to improve their communities will have the opportunity to discover the long term damaging effects of casinos.    The resources business leaders will have to share with their communities are:

  • Book: "Armageddon by Casino"  (Paper & Ebook)
  • Video (TV & YouTube): "Apocalypse by Casino
  • Album (audio): "Mass(achusettts) Extinction by Casino"
  • Radio (online): Commentary and Interviews
  • Lecture:   Forest Academy (online)

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