Monday, June 30, 2014

Casino Related Crime Rates

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On February 26, 2012, The Associated Press reported on crime rates around Connecticut casinos since openings.  In 1992, Foxwoods opened and in 1996 Mohegan Sun opened.   In 2011 Mohegan Sun generated $719 million in slot machine revenue and Foxwoods generated $650 million in slot machine revenue.   Prior to the opening, Governor Lowell Weicker warned in 1991 that the opening of Foxwoods in 1992 would lead to crime, prostitution, drunk driving, and other related crime.   After Foxwoods, the first casino opened, thefts rose substantially with larcenies accounting for most of the crimes.   Today, Larceny is the largest theft crime among both casinos.    Embezzlement's have more than tripled due most likely to gambling debts.   Connecticut averages about 158 embezzlement annually.   Before the casinos, the number of reported embezzlement's cases averaged around 49.

In 2006, the professors, Earl Grinols at Baylor University in Texas and David Mustard at the University of Georgia completed a study on crime resulting from casinos.  They were not paid additional for this study.  This was part of a faculty study at the University of Georgia.  They found that except for murder, there was a rise in all crimes with 8% property crimes and 12% violent crimes when a casino was put in place.   They wrote in 2006, "Specifically, problem and pathological gamblers commit crimes as they deplete their resources, nonresidents who visit casinos may both commit and be victims of crime, and casino-induced changes in the population start small but grow,"

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