Friday, October 31, 2014

Alerts & Breaking News For Casino Vote

This blog post has an alerts and two breaking news stories.   Please read and share.  

Before going to the alerts and breaking news stories, I want to share my deepest heartfelt thanks to all who have supported  Project Furious 2014 as an awareness campaign and the slogan "Don't Make Me Say, I Told You So".  I've been on the road and beaten path from Boston to the Berkshires talking about the casino risk.   Literally thousands have acknowledged and been educated through the book, movie, album, posts on the blog, Facebook page, email, and texts.   This measured amount is verified through positive response. A little over 3000 have been given the word of encouragement and faith that Springfield is an awesome city and does not deserve the destructive forces of MGM.  The same goes true for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  What ever is placed on the land is next to families, children, schools, and our future.   A casino does not give light to a long term future.   The people surrounding Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun can tell you that.   Prior to the opening of Foxwoods in 2002 and later Mohegan Sun, the Governor of Connecticut knew of the destructive forces of casinos in a community.  He was proven right after the people of Connecticut voted to have two casinos 11 miles apart allowed to sit on the land.    His concerns have reached Massachusetts and the issues hold here too.   On June 24th Project Furious 2014 was launched as a behind the scenes awareness campaign to warn as many people possible of the risks and damaging effects of casino.   A free open dinner for the public was held at Red Rose on August 7th with invitations going to the Mayor and Governor.    A widely accepted book and movie was released - although basic - it served well as a sharing platform and was effective in reaching over 3000.   Of all campaigns against the casino, Project Furious is the only one that did not gamble money in the fight.  The fight was done through education and awareness instead of money.   As we exit this campaign and begin "The Rock" starting after the November 3rd vote, I once again give my greatest appreciation to the citizens of Massachusetts who took an honest effort to truly reach out to the general public.   Thank you.   And now the news ...

ALERT - It is being reported that the Vote Yes on # 3 (stop casino) signs have been stolen of people's properties.    This was reported by the Repeal The Casino Deal who provided the signs through donations.   Fewer signs than original planned were distributed and those that were have been found to be stolen.   These are two reasons why most signs that are visible say Vote No on # 3 (keep casino).

BREAKING NEWS - WWLP 22 News reported that the former owner of the Paramount Theater in Springfield has filed a racketeering lawsuit against Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno, New England Farm Council Workers President Herbie Flores, the Springfield Republican and others.  Steven Stein, who owned the Paramount Theater and Skyplex in Springfield, claims the defendants worked together to force Stein to sell the Paramount Theater to the New England Farm Workers Council with the ultimate goal of using the entertainment venue to partner with or sell to  a potential casino developer.   Now imagine what has really been going behind the scenes with MGM coming to Springfield.  I wonder what else we haven't been told.

This same report was also reported on on Friday afternoon (Oct 31) -

BREAKING NEWS - Also WNE Poll shows strong support for state's casino law, even among Catholics, despite clergy urging vote for repeal.   A new survey from the Western New England University Polling Institute released Friday shows 59 percent of likely voters say they will vote "no" on the ballot question to maintain the current casino law, compared to just 35 percent who say they will vote "yes" to repeal it. The gap has grown to include more support for the 2011 Expanded Gaming Act since a September poll, when 52 percent of voters opposed a repeal of the law and 41 percent said they supported a repeal.

REMEMBER:  Don't Make Me Say I Told You So  (Because you know I will)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Casinos Are Winning. We Need to Fight.

WWLP 22 News reported today that Massachusetts voters are leaning toward keeping the Casinos in Massachusetts according to poll released today (October 1) that 52% of voters will vote NO on Question # 3 to Keep Casinos.   41% plan to vote against casinos by voting Yes on Question #3.  The remaining respondents to the poll are undecided.     Today, WWLP 22 News called me to discuss off air Project Furious 2014 and the vote for question # 3.    Many people are have the misunderstanding that voters will not allow casinos to stay in Massachusetts, but the polls say differently.    There are enough voters who won't live near a casino and won't be impacted.   They don't know what the long term effects are for the entire state.

On September 18 it was reported that the Massachusetts unemployment rate jumped from 5.6% up to 5.8% as of July 2014.   At a time when unemployment has ticked up, do we really want the voting residents of Massachusetts to spend wasteful dollars on Casinos at a time when casinos are closing all over the country?   In Connecticut, the Mayor of Ledyard (home of Foxwoods) said that there has been "no economic development spin-off from (Foxwoods).  Businesses do not come here".    Connecticut has proven that casinos doesn't spurt the growth of commerce in their communities.   Even worse, Moody's has downgraded the outlook on casinos down to negative and Firth Ratings have said the casino market is "reaching a saturation point".    The Governor of Massachusetts (Gov. Deval Patrick), Speaker DeLeo, and Senate President Murray have expressed that they do not want a casino in their home towns.   Why should we?    The former CEO of American Gaming said he would "work very, very hard against" a casino in his home town.  

On November 4, vote YES on Question # 3 which would prohibit casinos, any gaming establishment with slot machines, and wagering on simulcast greyhound races.   When we say NO to Casinos, we say YES to Question 3.   Vote on November 4th.  God bless you and the people of Massachusetts.   Learn more by clicking the links below.   Our old slogan was "Share if you care".  Our new slogan is "Don't make me say I told you so".   See below and please share. 

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