Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What is Project Furious 2014?

What is Project Furious?

Hello everyone,

As you may know, the awareness campaign "Project Furious 2014" launched in Springfield, Massachusetts does not raise funds and is in no way considered a fund raiser. There is no "donate here" button on a website. You will only see a blog that gives the latest news to protect Massachusetts from casinos. click here: Also, check out the August 7th event at 7pm in Springfield at Red Rose (free pizza - invite others). Please share.
Please be one of the proactive helpers in spreading the news about the dangers of casino gambling. Everything you need is on my blog: I'm not raising funds due to the nature of this awareness campaign. Money can be a bad thing, so the fight against casinos won't use money. It uses awareness. So please don't watch me struggle alone. Do something. Help. Share the blog. Invite people to come on August 7th at 7PM at Red Rose Pizza in Springfield for some good free food. Post everywhere the blog: Help make a difference.

A significant amount of research has been spend during days, nights, and weekends and it continues. The latest article on talks about how the vote is worded Project Furious: Understanding Ballot Question 3 Casino Vote.

David Ewen
"Project Furious 2014" 

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