Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Understanding Ballot Question 3 Casino Vote

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On November 4th, in the general election, there will be a ballot question associated with the future of casino gambling in Massachusetts.   It is Question # 3.    The wording of the ballot question can confuse people to vote incorrectly.   For example, if they vote NO, this won't mean "NO, I don't want casinos".   If you don't want a casino in Massachusetts, the proper vote would be YES.   This is because of the way ballot question # 3 is worded. 

A YES Vote would prohibit casinos, any gaming establishment with slot machines, and wagering on simulcast greyhound races.  This means that the 2011 Gaming Act would be void and Casinos would be banned from Massachusetts.   The MGM deal in Springfield would be void.

A NO Vote would make no change in the current laws regarding gaming.  This means three casinos will be in Massachusetts and MGM can start building in Springfield.

So in other words ---- A vote of YES on ballot question # 3 means, YES we want Casinos to go away.  (Think of it as Yes means No)     Vote Yes if you do not want casinos.    

Read to understand the wording of ballot question # 3 and how to vote to repeal the casino deal in Massachusetts

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We are building awareness of the public's opportunity to repeal the 2011 Expanded Gaming Act that allowed casino gambling in our state.   The vote is on November 4th where the citizens of Massachusetts can vote to have legalized casino gambling in Massachusetts repealed.

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