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Casino Book Coming Out August 10, 2014 Prepares For November 4th Vote

Casino Book Coming Out August 10, 2014 Prepares For November 4th Vote

Contact: David Ewen by email at projectfurious2014@gmail.com

For Immediate Release


The book titled "Armageddon by Casino" to be published by author David K. Ewen, M.Ed. and  Ewen Prime Company will be released to the public on August 10, 2014.   It is the bold move to educate Massachusetts citizens of the effects of Casino Gambling.    The book takes a controversial perspective against Casino Gaming.

On November 4th citizens will be able to vote to repeal the law making casino gaming legal in Massachusetts.   David Ewen of Springfield, Massachusetts has launched the grassroots initiative Project Furious 2014 as an effort to educate people of the dangers of casino gaming in our communities.    This is not a fundraising effort. It is an awareness raising effort.

Free books, movies, albums, and lectures is being donated from now until the November 4th vote.

-          Book: "Armageddon by Casino"  (Paper & Ebook)
-          Video (TV & YouTube): "Apocalypse by Casino"
-          Album (audio): "Mass(achusettts) Extinction by Casino"
-          Radio (online): Commentary and Interviews
-          Lecture:   Public and online settings

Project Furious 2014 does not raise money.  Instead it raise awareness.  There is no "Donate" or "Pay" button on a website.   This true grassroots efforts will share the proven dangers of casino in the areas of:

-          Increase crime, murder, theft
-          Spreading of gang violence
-          Health care system
-          Drain on retirement
-          Loss of local business
-          Traffic congestion
-          Impact to Education
-          Loss of family values

The facts will be coming from communities with casinos including Connecticut.

The campaign won’t have last minute street signs before the November 4th vote.    Instead of being reactive, Project Furious 2014 is being proactive by providing the education up front so when people do go to the polls on November 4th, they are operating with informed decisions.  

The informational material and other campaigns is free to the public.   The entire project from now until the vote on November 4th is free to the public.   Books, movies, and lectures will all be made available for public consumption at no cost.  

Project Furious 2014 has a blog that continuously maintains updates at http://ProjectFurious2014.BlogSpot.com

David Ewen is a touring professor at Forest Academy.   www.ForestAcademy.org.    Through funding by Forest Academy, he has launched Project Furious 2014  http://ProjectFurious2014.BlogSpot.com

Contact David Ewen by email at projectfurious2014@gmail.com

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