Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Life In Springfield

The survey results released for "2014’s Best and Worst College Cities & Towns in America” shows that Springfield Massachusetts ranked poorly for its crime rate, low number of students per capita, and low number of nightlife options.   These are some of the things MGM already knew.    With so few nightlife options in Springfield, MGM knows it has a solid customer base. 

Already "Project Furious" & "The Executive Solutions" has started to create options for people such as the December 20th (2014) film festival called "Christmas In Springfield" to give people an option to do something.   Previous work has been done on several occasions with the Bing Arts Center.  

The recent recent work of the Resurrection Center in Springfield has put forth Christian Values in weekend and night entertainment.   Already the Resurrection Center has become a powerhouse on Wednesday nights for Youth enrichment development.   Also Wednesday nights, the Resurrection Center works to help resolve life's general problems with classes that also put forth Christian Values into every day life.   Both Wednesday night activities are family driven and located at 1597 Allen Street in Springfield, MA   

The event on December 20th is approved by FCC regulations and supports the communication goals of EPN News in New York.     We can start next year successfully, by ending this year successfully.   "Christmas in Springfield" is 12:00 Noon on Saturday, December 20th at the Resurrection Center located at 1597 Allen Street in Springfield.

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