Thursday, November 6, 2014

Warning About The Future

[Project Furious, November 6, 2014] Casino gaming is legal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and by a 20% margin desired by the majority of voters in the state.  This doesn't mean that gambling addiction doesn't exist.   It also doesn't mean that the issues that surround casinos closing around the country doesn't exist.   The business model of casinos is similar to the tobacco industry.   It is fueled by addiction.    Gambling is an addiction that is similar to drugs, alcohol, and sex.   Addiction leads to abuse, violence, and broken families.  But the people of Massachusetts have voted.   Many communities previously made it clear they did not want a casino on their soil, such as Palmer, Holyoke, and West Springfield.   The November vote in these communities was different after MGM was given license in the city of Springfield.    The Governor of Massachusetts also made it clear he did not want a Casino in his home of Richmond, MA, but was in full support of the Casino.    The Mayor of Springfield does live in Springfield and supported the Casino.   Who knows, he may have a job at MGM in Springfield one day in a senior position.  It will be a curious thing to watch after the MGM Casino anticipated opening in the Summer of 2017.

The expected consequence of the vote supporting Casinos in Massachusetts is as follows.   Large construction crews from out-of-state will employ out-of-state jobs to build the large MGM infrastructure in Springfield.   Western, Massachusetts as a whole is not equipped to build or take on such a large project.    A very large $800 million project tends not to finish on time and tends to go over budget.   A good example of that is the Big Dig.   It would not be a total surprise if taxes were somehow incorporated to help finish the over budgeted MGM project in Springfield.     It would also not be a surprise that the anticipated opening in the summer of 2017 is delayed by almost a year.   Perhaps the Spring of 2018 is likely.   During that time, there could be news reports of budget overruns and an added responsibility to the tax payers.    It will be then that those who voted in favor of the casino (vote NO on #3) will have second thoughts of their choice, but by then it will be too late.  

The Communities of Palmer, Holyoke, and West Springfield  first voice opposition to Casinos when it affected their soil and then later voted by wide margin in approval at the November 4th vote.   Imagine what will happen to Springfield after MGM opens.    Imagine how the families, schools, and small businesses will be effected.  Imagine the traffic on Springfield roadways.    What will happen to Springfield is what Palmer, Holyoke, and West Springfield successfully avoided.    What is curious is that voters of Springfield twice approved the Casino.  Perhaps they did not hear the earlier voices of  Palmer, Holyoke, and West Springfield.

Within seven years after MGM opens, the devastation will likely set set in. That is anticipated be around the year 2024 at the latest (given the opening during Summer 2017).  If the casinos in New York are voted in (not approved yet), the traffic of eager gamblers will be able to take I-90 to Springfield making a connection to addicted travelers.   Will the New York casinos around I-90 and the Hudson Valley region stay open forever?  Not likely, but that will create new interested customers in the MGM in Springfield, Massachusetts.   When thinking long term, the I-90 and I-91  intersection provides a gateway into a greater populated area.    Springfield will eventually be a pool of casino gamblers who will merge together.   When their money runs out, the effects of white collar crime, theft, embezzlement, and other financially effected crimes will go up.    When casinos first opened in Connecticut, embezzlement tripled (See "Armageddon by Casino, by David Ewen).  Imagine those who may be at risk of suicide because of the severity of debt impacting families.  When families run out of money desperation kicks in.  This results in broken families, crime, abuse, and even death.

In the book, "Armageddon by Casino" and "Apocalypse by Casino"  (David Ewen) there was a thorough discussion of how crime would result from a Casino in Springfield, Massachusetts.   Already, before formal soil testing of the ground was complete, the first issue has been raised. WWLP 22 News reported that the former owner of the Paramount Theater in Springfield has filed a racketeering lawsuit against Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno, New England Farm Council Workers President Herbie Flores, the Springfield Republican and others.  Steven Stein, who owned the Paramount Theater and Skyplex in Springfield, claims the defendants worked together to force Stein to sell the Paramount Theater to the New England Farm Workers Council with the ultimate goal of using the entertainment venue to partner with or sell to  a potential casino developer.   Now imagine what has really been going behind the scenes with MGM coming to Springfield.  I wonder what else we haven't been told.  Project Furious has the slogan "Don't make me say I told you so".   Well,  I hate to say it, but "I told you so".  (Book: Armageddon by Casino / DVD: Apocalypse by Casino - David Ewen)

In preparation for the effects of gambling addiction in Springfield, Massachusetts, a plan already in development will be announced.  It is called "The Rock", which will be a foundation of support for communities effected by broken families, abuse, and addiction.  The Rock will be operational long before the casino open in the summer of 2017.  The Rock is a consortium of business and community leaders helping those steer away from the addictive and destructive nature of casinos.  It also will work as a corporation to help families get connected and protect our communities from crime and violence.  The dance isn't over.  We were just warming up and now getting started.  Remember God is in control and has a plan through his promise.

To all who supported Yes on #3, Project Furious, and other supporting efforts. Thank you.  Remember that God is always in control and has a plan.   We have an opportunity to help the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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