Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Casino question at the gubernatorial debate

Monday night’s Springfield debate opened with the casino issue.

Two candidates for Governor  are for the repeal.

Jeff McCormick said, “I am yes to repeal the casino as well. A third of revenue’s coming from addicted gamblers.”

Scott Lively said, “We should be turning to the Lord, not to the organized crime of the casino industry.”
Ultimately the voters will decide the fate of casinos in Massachusetts on Election Day, November 4th.

Three candidates want to keep the casino.

Republican Charlie Baker said, “I’ve been a one casino person since pretty much the start of this conversation.”

Independent Evan Falchuk said, “Our Legislature created the framework. Cities and towns then went and had hard fought battles.”

Democrat Martha Coakley said, “In making sure that we’re going to maximize the economic benefit of casinos and mitigate the ills.”

Ballot Question # 3

A YES vote means that you agree that the Casino Law should be repealed and that Casino gaming be outlawed.

A NO vote means that no change will happen and casinos are allowed to come into our cities and towns.

Project Furious 2014 is against casino gaming in our state.

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