Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bad News for Massachuetts

Massachusetts just received bad news. See link below.    Well over half the voters accept casinos in Massachusetts and want MGM to stay in Springfield.    I believe they are unaware of the dangers of casino gaming in Massachusetts.     A new UMass Lowell/7News poll released this week shows that 59 percent of likely general election voters still support the law, with 36 percent saying they support the repeal effort. Just five percent of the voters said they are still undecided.

The supporters and volunteers of Project Furious have their work cut out for them.   I can't do it alone.    Remember the slogan for Project Furious  "Don't make me say I told you so"  

Here is the news report:

Here is the information that explains how bad casinos can be to Massachusetts:

The audio album begins playing at 30 seconds.  

The lecture documentary movie is here:

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