Thursday, August 7, 2014

NEWS for TONIGHT: Presentation by Project Furious at Red Rose Pizza in Springfield

On pages 14 and 15, the book “Armageddon by Casino” had announced a meeting at Red Rose Pizza in Springfield on August 7 at 7:00 PM.      Today is August 7th, so in the spirit of commitment demonstrating organization, structure, and forward thinking, here we are on this bright sunny day getting ready to enjoy pizza this evening.

Prior to the Summer of 2012, the organization Citizens Against Casino Gambling created a fundraising effort to educate Springfield Residents of the dangers of Casino Gambling.    In July of 2012, Springfield, Massachusetts voted to allow the 2011 Expanded Gaming Act into law by a slight margin which paved the path to allow MGM to be granted a license in Massachusetts.    In response and several days after that vote, appeals paperwork was brought up to the State Supreme Court.  Those that brought the required signatures the state Supreme Court were politicians, lawyers, and high level business leaders who helped form a company called “Repeal The Casino Deal”   On June 24, 2014, the court announced that a statewide vote for the repeal the 2011 Expanded Gaming Act would be a ballot question in the November 4th 2014 election.   

On this same day of the Massachusetts state Supreme Court announcement, and while the sun was still high in the sky, Project Furious 2014, an awareness campaign was launched.    A second chance to beat the casino in Massachusetts was given.   Another opportunity to make sure things are done right this time was given.   This time it wouldn’t be lost.   The fight would begin.     On July 24, 2014, Project Furious announced “The proverbial shot across the legislative bow of Massachusetts has been fired in celebration of the November Casino vote on November 4th.  The media has already received the battle cry from Project Furious.

The sun was still high in the sky on June 24th when the blog and Facebook page for Project Furious 2014 was created and announced to the media.     A promise for delivery in August for a book, movie, and audio album was made.    Along with three radio show and multiple blog entries, the book, lecture documentary, and digital audio album were released in July 28 days ahead of schedule.   The book is called “Armageddon by Casino” is on    The lecture documentary on is “Apocalypse by Casino” and the album “Mass(achusetts) Extinction by Casino” is on
On pages 14 and 15, of the book “Armageddon by Casino” it reports of its own book release party on Thursday, August 7th 2014 at 7:00 PM at Red Rose Pizza in Springfield.    It’s unusual that the coordination and timing of a book can be produced and released and accurately report on a future event.    That shows the structured organization and commitment of Project Furious 2014.      By way of Twitter and Email, Governor of Massachusetts, the Mayor of Springfield, and local media have all been invited to be part of the public announcement dinner at Red Rose Pizza in Springfield August 7th.      Prior to August 7th, one of the leaders of “Repeal the Casino Deal” have also been invited by phone through a positive cooperative phone discussion.

Project Furious 2014 is not a fundraising effort.   Some people may believe they gambled their money and lost when donating to “Citizens Against Casino Gambling” following the vote on July 16, 2012.   To create a partnership Project Furious called, emailed, and sent a letter by post office with no response.  Their website is still active with a Donate button linked to payment to the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts through PayPal.    They accept money, but will not be open to discussion directly when reached through different avenues.
An email and phone call to “Repeal the Casino Deal” were both returned.    A good telephone conversation with a Western Massachusetts leader from the organization demonstrated agreement on all casino related issues.   The conversation had the energy of professionalism, cooperation, agreement, and unity.    Project Furious 2014 has committed to attending their late August conference with business leaders to be held in Western Massachusetts.    A lawn sign has also been ordered from the organization.    Due to a scheduling conflict, they are unable to be represented at the event on August 7th at Red Rose Pizza, however applaud in the agreement and cooperation of both organizations.

MGM has purchased two buildings in Springfield and is poised to pour a significant amount of money into advertising campaigns.      As with many political campaigns, fighting power is shown in the number of dollars.    If the battle is to be fought with money as the ammunition, then a lot of money would be needed to fight someone with a lot of it.   MGM has demonstrated confidence by purchasing two buildings as a show of commitment.   Their intentions is to stay in Springfield and they have already shown it with money.    
A radical approach to succeed in this political battle is to fight in a corridor of influence that does not use money.      This corridor of influence is one that would not have been thought of by MGM because it does not use money as a platform for persuasion.    Granted lawn signs, mailed letters, and advertising costs money, but that is along a corridor of influence that MGM knows and expects.      The fight needs to also happen in an arena that they wouldn’t expect and don’t understand.    The avenue is through people they don’t know exist.    The voters who are silent in their opinion and restrict their traceable donating dollars are out there.     One of the ways they can be found is by reaching out to their mobile devices in their hand through social media, email, and text messaging.  Digital products like books, albums, and movies are also reached out to them.     The book “Armageddon by Casino” was FREE on Amazon over a five day period and now being released in two versions including a 99 cent ebook.  The book is also in paperback.     The movie and album are FREE on and respectively.    People don’t need to pay anything to understand what they need to know prior to the November 4th vote.

Project Furious 2014 is solely an awareness campaign and not huge dollar basket building fundraiser.    The tactic of the organization is to build awareness by way of email blasts, blog posts, published book, lecture documentary movies, audio albums, text messaging, and social media.   The social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.    Having reached the small number of a few thousand, it is a good start prior to the political war that is poised to start in the late autumn prior to the November 4th election.   A greater campaign is just on the horizon.    

As part of the awareness campaign a slogan was presented as saying “Share if You Care”.   Now the summer season getting closer to the end and the battle in the fall is about to begin.    The slogan has been replaced with “Don’t Make Me Say I Told You So”.      The facts about the dangers of casino gambling is being sprayed all over the region by Project Furious 2014.    With the right support, the awareness effort can beat the financial armory of MGM with their anticipated advertising campaign.

Project Furious 2014 is underway with a reach that has already met thousands as of August 7th.    It’s a small number to start with compared to the assault that is planned for the near future.    The few thousand is based on the processing power of one person.  Now imagine if there was more than one person who have the same tenacious energy to ensure we as a community don’t make the same mistake as we did in June 16, 2012.     Voters need to get out in full numbers and not be reliant on someone else to do the voting for them.   This reliance is what bit us in 2012.     This mistake can’t happen again.   Remember, the new slogan for Project Furious 2014 is “Don’t Make Me Say I Told You So”.
The most effective help people can give is to share the blog and encourage to vote on November 4th.     Use any effective means through texting, email, and social media.   One person so far is a good start.   The next step is more volunteers who care about their community who will help with this effort.  All the resources have been provided and a lot more is to come.    Remember the slogan, “Don’t Make Me Say I Told You So”.


On November 4th, ballot question # 3 will have to options.  YES and NO.    

·         A YES VOTE would prohibit casinos, any gaming establishment with slot machines, and wagering on simulcast greyhound races.

·         A NO VOTE would make no change in the current laws regarding gaming.

So this means that a YES vote means NO Casino.  Remember that.  Voting YES means No to casinos in Massachusetts.


The audio album begins playing at 30 seconds. 

The lecture documentary movie is here:

The Facebook page is here:

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